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Coordination Team

Coordination Team

For overall strategic guidance, a Ministerial Tourism Coordination Team, chaired by Indonesia’s Vice President, provides cross-sectoral strategic coordination.

In addition, the National Development Planning Agency (Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional, BAPPENAS) establishes central level institutional arrangements for alignment between investment planning and budgeting, including: 

  1. a Steering Committee to be composed of the Ministers from each involved ministry or agency; and 
  2. a Technical Committee consisting of Echelon I officials from each involved ministry or agency. 

These two committees include government agencies/ministries that have no direct implementing responsibility for the Project, but are critical stakeholders. 

For provincial and local government (i.e. APBDI/II) alignment, for each province and kabupaten/kota in the destinations, Provinces and Kabupaten/Kotas will establish task forces in each of the 4 provinces and 11 kabupaten/kota where the Project operates. 

Local governments are predominantly involved in the implementation of component 2. For road sub-projects and subnational transport, local project implementation units (LPIUs) include provincial and local public works agencies. For basic services, local public works and settlements agencies are LPIUs. 

The PMS Consultant also has in-destinations teams which support local agencies in aligning their sub-projects with the ITMPs and ensuring compliance with the Project’s ESMF and fiduciary requirements. 

Finally, tourism development coordination at the destination level is facilitated by several existing local management authorities and bodies. These include the Management Authority for Lake Toba Tourism Area and the Management Authority Board for Borobudur Tourism Area, which are composed of two bodies: 

  1. an Advisory Board (or Steering Committee), chaired by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, which will establish the general policy, provide overall direction and supervision of interventions in each Tourism Area; and
  2. an Executive Board (or Implementing Agency) - a working unit under the Ministry of Tourism, which will coordinate, synchronize, and facilitate the planning, development, and construction of both Tourism Areas.

Decree of Minister of PPN/Head of Bappenas Number Kep. 9/M.PPN/HK/01/2019.

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SK Menteri Bappenas No 183/M.PPN/HK/09/2019 tentang Pembentukan Tim Koordinasi Program Pembangunan Pariwisata yang Terintegrasi Dan Berkelanjutan