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Component 4

Component 4

Component 4: Improve Conducive Business Atmosphere For Private Investment to Tourism Sector

Component-4 will be managed by Investment Coordination Agency or Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal (BKPM) to provide technical assistance for private investment preparation and implementation in tourism destinations, including: (1) the preparation and renewal of documents of Investment Project Ready to Offer – I-PRO); (2) I-PRO proposal to future investor (market sounding); and (3) investment project monitoring. In implementing this component, BKPM will collaborate with K/L and local governments.

I-PRO documents will be prepared by BKPM by referring to RIPT. I-PRO contains comprehensive explanation regarding the opportunities of investment projects identified in RIPT. BKPM uses I-PRO to offer investment projects to future investors from both domestic and foreign origins.

Market sounding is an activity of promoting I-PRO to future investors. In addition to I-PRO availability, it needs potential investor identification to make sure the presence of interested ones, capital, experience and expertise in the business offered. BKPM will coordinate with K/L in composing effective list of potential investors, among others are Ministry of Tourism, Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation, Authority Agency of Tourism Destination such as Lake Toba and Borobudur, Embassy of Republic of Indonesia, Indonesia Investment Promotion Centers spread in main cities of Europe, America and Asia. The information provided by entrepreneur association and banking sector of target states is also very helpful in composing the list.

Monitoring activity for the investment project is the follow up stage after market sounding. BKPM is responsible to establish communication with future investors who have presented market sounding event. It is intended to identify the factors inhibiting them to immediately make decision and register their investment plans. The factors may be related to the need of more specific information, and technical factors in operation such as obstacles in licensing and other issues. The monitoring activity requires liaison officer, who has the capacity and competence to provide quick, clear and effective responses on investors’ complaints and questions. Liaison officer shall also effectively interact with K/L involved in both processes of licensing and implementation of investment in tourism sector.

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