About ITDP The Project Framework and Indicators of Success

The Project Framework and Indicators of Success


The ITDP framework includes 4 (four) groups of outcome indicators that represent each component of the project and will contribute to the achievement of broader project objectives, including economic and social impacts in priority tourism destinations. All of the components are interrelated and affect the achievement of other components' outcome indicators. Thus, 4 (four) components are expected to be able to produce a significant impact on the economy, namely: (i) increased number of domestic and foreign visitors to the selected destinations; (ii) increased average daily expenditure per visitor to the selected destinations; and (iii) number of direct tourism sector jobs created in the selected destinations. The ITDP framework, in general, can be seen in the following figure.


Based on the ITDP Framework, indicators of success have been established and the target numbers are expected to be achieved during the implementation as presented in the table below.

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