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General Information

Tourism is a promising sector that provides benefit of vast and sustainable development for the community. Therefore, the Government of Indonesia strives to improve Indonesian economy using tourism as one of the main growth driving factors. In more particular, tourism development can increase both foreign and domestic visitors, increase the state’s foreign exchange earnings, job opportunities and tourism competitiveness through integrated and sustainable development of prioritized tourism.

The government has prepared tourism development under the direction of Coordinating Team of “Integrated and Sustainable Tourism Development Program” that consisted of Directing Team, Executive Team, Technical Team, Substantial Supportive Team and CPMU. Directing Team is headed by Ministry of PPN/Head of Development National Agency /Bappenas and Vice Directing Team is the Ministry of Public Work and Housing and Ministry of Tourism. To support acceleration of the tourism development implementation, the Government works in collaboration with World Bank to implement integrated and sustainable tourism development program at 3 (three) selected tourism destination, they are: (i) Lake Toba in North Sumatera province; (ii) Borobudur-Yogyakarta-Prambanan in Central Java and Special Region of Yogyakarta provinces; and (iii) Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara province, that is set forth in Indonesia Tourism Development Program (ITDP) or hereinafter referred to as Program Pembangunan Pariwisata Terintegrasi dan Berkelanjutan (P3TB) which will be implemented in the period of 2019-2024. The related Ministries/Institutions are Ministry of Public Work and Housing, Ministry of Tourism and BKPM.

P3TB comprises of 4 (four) integrated components, in which each is targeted at addressing the main constraints of tourism growth and competitiveness. The four components are expected to contribute in increasing the number of both foreign and domestic visitors, increasing foreign exchange earnings from tourism sector, job opportunity, contribute to GDP, and tourism competitiveness. In this project, it has entirely been compiled organizing work frame to coordinate the tasks and functions and budget at both Central and Regional Governments at provincial and district/city levels in which the 3 (three) selected destinations located.

The purpose of P3TB project is set forth in the Master Plan of Integrated Tourism or Rencana Induk Pariwisata Terpadu (RIPT) for each destination, and institutional arrangement which is specifically established to improve collaboration between related institutions. The plan layout assists in synchronizing other government’s program related to road, basic services, skill development and investment atmosphere.

Four Components in P3TB Project
Component 1: Improving Institutional Capacity to Facilitate Integrated and Sustainable Tourism Development
Component 2: Improving the Quality of Road and Access to Basic Services in Relation to Tourism
Component 3: Improving the Participation of Local Community and Business Actors in Tourism Sector
Component 4: Improving Conducive Business Atmosphere for Private Investment in Tourism Sector