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It is proposed in Lombok to restore tourism,

It is proposed in Lombok to restore tourism, "bubble destination" will be discussed by Moeldoko at the National level – The KSP Hearing activity which was held and initiated by the Presidential Staff Office in its latest agenda seeks to accommodate NTB community input regarding tourism development and the creative economy.

Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko, in his statement, Monday (8/6), emphasized that the KSP Hearing program is here to hear various complaints, inputs, and criticisms from the public. Then, KSP will coordinate all K/L to solve community problems.

“Especially the problem of programs that have not been completed for years, can be resolved quickly by the relevant Ministries/Agencies. KSP is in charge of guarding it, so that there are solutions to problems faced by the community," said Moeldoko.

On that occasion, the tourism industry and the creative economy became one of the highlights of the KSP Listening participants, especially for people in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara who were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) notes that the number of tourists visiting Indonesia fell drastically from 16 million in 2019 to 4.08 million tourists.

This condition is increasingly visible from the tourism sector's foreign exchange which in 2020 only reached 3.54 billion US dollars or dropped 79.05 percent from the 2019 position of 16.9 billion US dollars.

The highlight of tourism issues at KSP Hearing in Mataram was conveyed by tourism activist Taufan Ramadi from Lombok, NTB. According to Taufan, there has been no synchronization of tourism sector recovery policies that are in line with economic recovery efforts. "In fact, there are many people in NTB who depend on the tourism sector," said Taufan.

The man who is also the author of the Destination Protocol book also hopes that the government can accelerate the development of Mandalika as a tourism sector.

He also suggested that the government immediately implement a “bubble policy” and “bubble destination” policy.

Presidential Chief of Staff Dr. Moeldoko expressed his appreciation for the proposed “bubble policy” and “bubble destination” and promised to discuss it further with the relevant stakeholders.

However, the government's focus in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic is to balance the handling of the health sector and the public economy so that it continues to run smoothly.

Mainly, through three approaches. Among other things, how to maintain the community's economy, discipline the community to stop transmission and tighten the 3M protocol, and how to keep all businesses running.

Apart from tourism, Yogi, a KSP participant Hearing from the Family Community of Immigrant Workers in East Lombok, highlighted the issue of adequate educational institutions and job training.

He hoped that KSP could convey the issue to the relevant ministries/institutions, thereby increasing education capacity in Lombok.

Moeldoko is ready to coordinate the aspiration to the Ministry of Manpower. Even so, the former TNI Commander explained that the government had a Pre-Employment Card program with a national scope as a training room for the community.

"Currently, the government is designing the program so that it can run offline in order to improve training for local communities," he said.

Apart from these two, several participants expressed their aspirations related to the need for micro, small and medium business development, the issue of illegal logging in NTB, to the distribution of social assistance that is still not evenly distributed.

Then, there are also many cases of sexual violence against women and children, about the departure of the pilgrimage, strengthening the role of women to the need for government attention to Islamic boarding school education in NTB.

Besides being attended by Moeldoko, several KSP deputies were also present to respond to the participants. One of them was Deputy I Chief of Presidential Staff, Febry Calvin Tetelepta, who ensured that he would follow up on input and criticism from the NTB community. One of them is about infrastructure development. "We are guarding it so that it really provides benefits to the community," said Febry.

On the same occasion, Deputy III of the Presidential Chief of Staff, Panutan S. Sulendrakusuma, said that what the KSP Hearing participants said had become a concern for the government.

"But it can't be handled immediately. Because when a complaint is submitted, there is a system to protect it, namely through the relevant ministries/institutions. KSP will definitely oversee it as well and coordinate with local governments,” explained Panutan.

Besides Febry and role models, KSP Hearing in NTB was also attended by Deputy IV Chief of Presidential Staff Juri Ardiantoro and several KSP experts such as Main Expert of Deputy II KSP Usep Setiawan and Associate Expert Deputy V KSP Mugiyanto. (ed.)

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