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Terpaulin Covering Borobudur Temple Reopens

Terpaulin Covering Borobudur Temple Reopens

BERITAMAGELANG.ID - After approximately 7 months from November 2020 to early June 2021, the cover of Borobudur Temple in Magelang Regency was finally reopened, Thursday (10/6/2021).

The process of opening the protective terpaulin cover from exposure to volcanic material from the eruption of Mount Merapi was carried out in stages by the Borobudur Conservation Center (BKB). The policy to cover Borobudur Temple with a cover is to be safe from Mount Merapi eruption material whose contents can accelerate the weathering of temple rocks.

"At that time, the position of Mount Merapi was in Alert Level three, which was feared to endanger its ashes as far as Borobudur," said Yudi Suhartono, Coordinator of the Utilization Aspect of the Borobudur Conservation Center, Thursday (10/6/2021).

Yudi explained that the opening of the cover was carried out with various considerations. Based on information from the Agency for Research and Development of Geological Disaster Technology (BPPTKG) regarding the latest condition of Merapi. Based on BPPTKG data, currently the threat of volcanic ash rain occurs only on the east side of about 8 km. Hot cloud lava falls to the west and southwest for 3-8 km. Meanwhile, if there is an explosive eruption the distance is about 3 km.

"Based on that, the distance from Borobudur Temple to Merapi is about 30 km, we conclude that it is safe because it does not reach Borobudur," he explained.

Yudi explained that another consideration of the opening was the anticipation of the impact of the condition of the temple rocks which were covered with tarpaulin for the last 7 months. Although so far, BKB has routinely monitored and had no impact on the rocks.

The third consideration, input from various parties in the community, tourists want to see the intact natural Borobudur Temple without cover from afar.

From that input, BKB finally decided to immediately open the cover that covered the Borobudur Temple stupa.

"Since yesterday we opened 40, today we opened 32 covers," he said.

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