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The Beauty of Bagot Tourism Village, a Hidden Paradise on The Island of Samosir Lake Toba

The Beauty of Bagot Tourism Village, a Hidden Paradise on The Island of Samosir Lake Toba

LAKE TOBA – One of the beauties of Lake Toba is Bagot Tourism Village located in Lumban Sitanggang, Parlondut Village, Pangururan, Samosir Regency. The beauty of Bagot Tourism Village is like a hidden paradise. Bagot Tourism Village was formed by the Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) Lumban Sitanggang, inaugurated by the Regent of Samosir Regency, Rapidin Simbolon, and the Head of North Sumatera Tourism Office, Ria Telambanua. The location is quite strategic, directly facing Mount Pusuk Buhit with a beautiful setting of Lake Toba.

As a tourist destination, the name Bagot is taken from the Batak language which means nira tree that produces tuak (liquor). The embedding of this name because the area Lumban Sitanggang, Parlondut Village, Pangururan, Samosir is a lot of nira trees and produce sap trees.

Director of Regional Destination Development I Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy/ Agency for Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf/ Baparekraf), Oni Yulfian explained, as a tourist destination, Bagot Tourism Village has the advantage to attract tourists to come to visit. 

"Bagot Tourism Village has a natural beauty that is quite enchanting to tourists who come to visit. This is one of the strengths of Bagot Tourism Village," said Oni.

Not only natural beauty, but cultural sustainability is also the strength of Bagot Tourism Village. He assessed the production of drinks from the sap tree as the strength of Bagot Tourism Village which continues to be preserved. 

"It is a tradition and culture that becomes the added value of the charm of Bagot tourism village. This kind of attraction becomes a superior power for tourist destinations to be able to continue to survive," said Oni.

Sub Coordinator of Area I Kemenparekraf/ Baparekraf, Andhy Marpaung added, the existence of Bagot Tourism Village strengthens Lake Toba as a super-priority tourist destination. 

"Bagot Tourism Village is the supporting capacity of Lake Toba as a super-priority tourist destination. Its existence adds to the richness of tourist destinations in Lake Toba," he said.

On the other hand, he considers Bagot Tourism Village is a complete destination that combines natural beauty, culture, and culinary. All three are differentiators of Bagot Tourism Village compared to other tourist villages and destinations, both in the Lake Toba area and in Indonesia. "The power becomes solid in the frame of the tourist village. Tourists can enjoy the scenery, feel the pulse of culture and customs that are still maintained and local specialties," said Andhy Marpaung.

Destination Coordinator Area I Kemenparekraf/ Baparekraf, Wijonarko tradition goes quite well in this Bagot Tourism Village. Not only Bagot culinary drinks can be enjoyed, but traditional Batak snacks can also be enjoyed. Such as, Sponge Bagot made from Bagot, Tuk-tuk Bagot Cake, and Boiled Yams Bagot. 

"The view of the lake with a beautiful mountain background becomes a spot for selfies that can be enjoyed," said Wijonarko.

He said Bagot Tourism Village can be a leverage Samosir Regency and Lake Toba as a tourist area. Its existence is quite strategic and gives a different color from the surrounding destinations. 

"When the pandemic ends of course Bagot Tourism Village will be an alternative destination for tourists who come to visit Lake Toba," said Wijonarko.