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Anticipation of Mass Tourism Threat, TNBTS will Provide Natural Tourism Education

Anticipation of Mass Tourism Threat, TNBTS will Provide Natural Tourism Education

JATIMTIMES - In anticipation of general problems that can potentially arise such as mass tourism threats such as garbage and degradation of tourist routes, the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Center (TNBTS) will vigorously provide comprehensive natural tourism education. Where the problem of mass tourism becomes 10 common problems presented by the BB TNBTS and potentially occurs in the TNBTS area.

Acting Head of TNBTS Novita Kusuma Wardani said that it is necessary to have excessive education mainly related to awareness for prospective tourists who will enjoy the TNBTS area.

"The most important thing is education how to realize prospective visitors to this nature tour not just enjoy nature. But we hope more to those tourists to get more values and experiences when traveling in conservation areas," she told the media crew.

Novita continued that providing education to prospective tourists TNBTS can also be through tour guides or tour guides. "We also want more tour guides who understand about National Parks," she said. 

So, with the tour guides who understand the overall way related to the TNBTS area is a tourist area that is also a conservation area, tourists from abroad and domestically will better understand the natural conditions in the TNBTS area. 

"So that when there are tourists, they can explain, not only the beauty of the area but how it benefits and functions for the community or the surrounding environment," he said.

In addition to the tour guides, the TNBTS Center is also actively conducting socialization with the surrounding indigenous peoples and inviting the community to better understand the existence of the TNBTS area. 

"We invite community friends, indigenous people, then tourist service actors to come together we want this tour to have an economic impact for the community. But also, we don't want our nature to be broken. That's what we have to anticipate," she said.

In addition, it also applies quota restrictions aimed at controlling tourists who have entered the TNBTS area. It is one way to prevent the negative impact of mass tourism. And can also make a deeper impression on the visitors of the TNBTS area.

"If we have that restriction, it is more exclusive and deeper the impression obtained by visitors," she concluded.